Who is Kranamax

Kranamax is an Italian company operating in Bulgaria, specializing in the construction of complex structures and projects. It is capable of competing with major international competitors, thanks to the competitiveness of its offers, dynamism in finding solutions, timeliness in project realization, and consistent adherence to required delivery schedules.


At the headquarters, spanning 8,500 square meters, assembly, welding, heat treatment, sandblasting, painting, and mechanical processing of various structures are carried out.

Park Machines and systems

• Rivolta boring mill with mobile column:
X7800 axis Z1900 axis Y1000 axis
• Fixed column Tiger cutter:
X1800 axis Z900 axis Y axis 700
• Mitsubishi machining center:
X1000 Z600 axis Y600 axis Warehouse 24 tools
• Graziano lathe length 3000
• Azimut 1800 Radial Drill
• Lodiflex 2200 radial drill
• Portal cutter:
X axis 14000 Y axis4000x Z axis1800
• Moving column boring machine:
X8000 axis Z3000 axis Y1500 axis
Carpentry machines:
• Lodifex Caser radial 1400 drill
• Profile bending press 6000 x 330ton
• Shears 10 x 1,500
• 100ton gooseneck press
• 250ton gooseneck press
• N°9 5000 kg overhead cranes
• N°1 6300 kg overhead crane
• N°4 8000 kg overhead cranes
• N°2 10,000 kg overhead cranes
• N°1 16000 kg overhead crane
• N°3 semi-gantry overhead cranes of 1600 kg

• 15000 x 5000 x 4500 metal shot blasting system
• 16000 x 5000 liquid painting system
• 11000 x 2500 x 3500 h oven for relaxing treatment

Kranamax owns a facility of over 2,100 square meters dedicated to the storage and cutting of sheet metal and profiles with machinery ranging from fiber lasers and 3D plasma to oxy-fuel cutting and automatic saws.

Park Machines
• Automatic band saw Siloma cutting 650 x 350
• Manual band saw Mep 370
• Manual band saw Mep 270
• High definition plasma Bevel cutting HPM 12,000 x 3,000
• Laser Penta 6,000 x 2,000 W8000 table changer
• Gas/oxygen cutting CNC Dami 8000 x 2800
• Combined gas/oxygen cutting Plasma 6000 x 2000
• N°4 overhead cranes 5000 Kg

Our Team

Participants in our process play a leading role in the continuous improvement of our operations. With their in-depth expertise and direct stake in the success of projects, they not only share the responsibility for innovation but also enjoy the fruits of their labor, significantly contributing to our collective success.


The Values Of Experience

We deeply value the knowledge and skills amassed over more than 30 years across various sectors - from the production of machinery for the stone industry to the creation of aluminum or stainless steel boats, and the development of civil engineering projects. Our adaptability and continuous pursuit of innovation enable us to meet the challenges of the global market with great enthusiasm and exceptional professionalism.